In sports medicine, a physiotherapist plays a crucial role in treating their team patients. Sports injuries are common. It can take toll on the players. A sports physiotherapist is one who keeps the player fit before the play, during the middle of the play and also after the sport. He is the one person who controls the fitness of the players. He takes care of number of things such as:

  • Muscle injuries
  • Hamstring strain and sprain
  • Joint pains
  • Joint dislocations
  • Torn ligaments
  • Repetitive injuries
  • Contusions and bruises etc.

Proactive Roles
Sports physiotherapists advise players on appropriate ways to keep themselves fit before a match. They provide a number of tasks to the players, these includes a set of fitness tests. They also advise on warm ups, so that the body gets adapted even before the game actually starts.

Pre-match Strapping and Sports Wear
OA sports physio always has a better approach on the type of footwear required for the game. For example, in athletics, the foot acts as a shock absorber, and having proper footwear may proactively dismiss any chances of injury to the foot or spine. They can also advise on strapping of floss bands to increase blood flow, limit injuries, or to increase the range of motion.

Active Role during the Game:
During an injury on the field, based on the amount of pain, a physiotherapist can make a complete clinical assessment whether the injury is minor or major. If the injury is minor, the physio can manage it medically by:

  • Strapping the contusions
  • Spraying painkillers
  • Evaluating concussions
  • Nursing sprains
  • Examining hamstring injury and pulled muscles

Within a short period, the physiotherapist can put the player back on track

As Manual Stretchers
A sports physiotherapist actively involves with their players. They manually workout on range of motion exercises both actively and passively. They put stress on pectoral and pelvic girdles to check the fitness level. They checkout all the joints in the body through range of motion exercises while actively taking feedback from their players. By this way of interacting and cooperating, the physiotherapist assesses the overall strength and conditioning of the muscles and joints of the players.

As a Aerobic Instructor and Sports Dietician Sports physiotherapist is a perfect adviser on your intake of oxygen and hydration. They are also well versed with the proportionate diet requirements and the timing of the diets.

Aiding in recovery process Sports injury can be debilitating. Important players need to be back in the team as soon as possible. But with the amount of expertise and knowledge, a physiotherapist can take you out of your disability within a limited amount of time unless the injury is too serious. The sports physiotherapist assess if the injury is acute or chronic. If the injury is minor, the physio may go for pain killers and start to recondition the injured area. If the injury seems serious and chronic, the physio may order for a battery of scans.

Here at Lifeline Physiotherapy, to expedite the recovery process, we extensively work on the area of the injury. Our treatment modalities for players include:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Conditioning through exercise
  • Massage
  • Hot-warm compresses
  • Strengthening of the injured area
  • Electrotherapeutic modes - if needed etc.

Services we provide
Post-Operative Care
So, you have just had surgery and are unsure what is to be done next. It is definitely the right time for you to call us and seek information. Surgery is just the first step and we will follow through by ensuring you regain normal function.Our physiotherapists are trained in giving you the right treatment for you to achieve full recovery post-surgery.
Corporate Health
Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for more than a couple of hours a day can affect your posture, mood, lifestyle and health.We at lifeline Physiotherapy will give you a thorough insight of how to setup your desk i.e.: ergonomic setup. We can recommend either a stand-up desk or other options for your employer to assist you with.
Gym Rehabilitation Programs
Exercises are commonly used to address nerve, joint, muscle or ligament issues and we are experts at this. We have the right knowledge to assist with the biomechanics of your body and give you appropriate exercises for injury prevention.
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Whiplash Associated Disorders commonly take place following a motor vehicle crash. This occurs due to the sudden forces of acceleration and deceleration being placed on the spine.Lifeline Physiotherapy understand the repercussions following such an injury and encourages you to come see us to protect further symptoms. We are well aware of the management and treatment required and will go the extra mile to assist you with recovery.
Dry Needling
Often you will find that massage doesn't cut it and minutes later you are tight or stiff again. Dry needling is a good option to release tight trigger points, increase blood flow into the area promoting healing.Dry needling can be used to increase muscle length and function, ease pain and reduce swelling
Pilates incorporates low impact exercises for all ages and levels of fitness. It is used to strengthen the core and stabilize the spine. These exercises are gentle and focus on spinal articulation, breathing and stability.
Sports Physiotherapy
Our physiotherapists have extensive knowledge on injuries that can arise while playing sport. Our practice principal has been involved in many sporting clubs such as Ingelwood uniter and Balcatta Soccer Club. Athletes and those who love to be active put extreme demand and stress on their bodies, in particular their muscles and joints and sports physiotherapy can help deal with pain, improve performance and function and prevent future damage and injuries.Sports physiotherapy may include a customised gym rehabilitation program, hands-on treatment, taping and exercise and stretch prescription.
Geriatric Care
At Lifeline physiotherapy, we provide specialized treatments for seniors as we understand what a toll it can take on you with joint replacements, or having to deal with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.The aim for geriatric care it to address your needs whether it be improving your sleep or mobility to reducing your pain and discomfort. We understand ailments you can have as you age and are passionate about helping you with them.

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